Waste Water Recycling in Dead Sea

Project Waste Water Recycle in The DeadSea Panorama Complex
Client USAID
Works Installation of drain-line grease removal and irrigation systems 

Dead Sea panorama is the Jordan’s leading Green resort. opened in 2006, the name “Panorama” comes from it’s excellent location that looks down over the DeadSea. It includes a geological museum and a restaurant. It is run by RSCN.

The site operates an on-site restaurant which caters for staff and visitors.The success of the restaurant was great for the customers but unfortunately it also had an effect on the drainage system which was routinely blocking. Panorama maintenance team assessed the reason for the blockage and identified the principle cause – common to many restaurants –a build-up of fat, oil and grease.

GCS has been commissioned from USAID to conduct a site survey and identified flow-rates, space requirements and the key areas where fat, oil and grease would enter the drainage system.

After consideration of all options – from a conventional grease trap, drain dosing system or a grease removal unit (GRU), GCS application engineer put forward recommendations to install a Grease Shield®, GRU, grease removal system and recycling water to be used for irrigation.

The system works in the same way as a conventional grease trap but instead of filling with grease it separates the fat, oil and grease and discharges it into an external container. It also actively removes food debris using a unique de-watering process.

The combination of these technologies means the Grease Shield® can remove up to 99% of free-floating fat oil and grease from wastewater.

The equipment was installed without disruption to trade within the kitchen area by GCS’s  in-house installation team.

One month later GCS contacted Panorama’s maintenance team and were delighted to hear that since the system was installed they had not experienced any further blockages.