Underground Utilities Radar

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Underground Utilities Mapping (10 Meters)

Ground Utilities Radar (12d-GPR) is a method that uses radar pulses to produce high-resolution images from the subsurface. 12d-GPR provides a continuous profile of the subsurface while mowing the antenna over it. The 12d GPR measures the amplitude strength and time required for the return of any reflected signal within the time/depth window used by the radar.  

A 12d-GPR system radiates short pulses of high-frequency EM energy into the ground from a transmitting antenna.  Reflections, from objects or layers,are produced whenever the pulse enters into a material with different dielectric properties from the material it left. The reflection strength is determined by the contrast in dielectric properties and becomes stronger the bigger this difference is.  The reflections are detected by a receiver antenna and transmitted to a control unit/ computer for processing and display. 

Depth penetration is a function of antenna frequency and the electrical conductivity of the soils in the survey area.  Lower frequency antennas achieve greater depth penetration than higher frequency antennas but have a poorer spatial resolution.   12d-GPR is best suited for low conductivity materials like sandy soils, limestone and granite and work well in most saturated environments.   12d-GPR is not favorable to use in highly conductive clay or saline soils, where the penetration depth is very limited.  Atypical digital 12d-GPR system consists of transmitting and receiving antennas,a radar control unit, and a field-ruggedized computer with software for control, display, processing and storage of radar data.

The-kit is a rugged, compact and lightweight, integrated ground penetrating radar system with high-tech  12d Model® field to processes the data and connecting it with our design package, ideal for a wide range of applications. Just like X-ray and ultrasound can image the internal of your body, the 12d-GPR can be used to image the internal of different materials and structures from the surface down to 10 m depth.

(Possible 12d-GPR setting in range 0-2000 ns but typical 0-500 ns)  The -kit is made up of three main components: Cart with integrated radar unit /antennas, rugged computer with software for control, display and storage of data and an internal power supply.                             
The major innovative feature with this system besides the wireless operation is a Multi-Frequency performance using smart antennas. It is no longer needed to use different antennas to detect both shallow and deep targets. The wide operating bandwidth, 100-900 MHz, means that the can replace all of the 200,250, 270, 300, 400, and 500 MHz antennas commonly used by earlier and older types of 12d-GPR systems. 

Other features are: can be operated airborne or air-launched and do not have to be in contact with the ground, allowing high-speed surveys. Data is always saved as raw data, without any gain applied, but the gain profile used when collecting data is used when you open the 12d Model. By attaching GPS positions are acquired to all measurements, in both time and distance mode.

1.     Integrated 2 channel    12d-GPR, with simultaneous display of both shallow and deep targets,
2.     Smart Antennas/ Elect Roni cs with operating bandwidth 100 to 900 MHz 
3.     Integrated 12 V, 4.5 Ah battery
4.     Data Acquisition Software, (Prism) and 12d Field ®for a PC (1-2 chi) and (Software Mobile) for PDA (1Ch.)
5.     Post Processing Prism 2 and 12d Field ® with a 3D export module to Reflex 3d. 
6.     USB-memory with DAQ/Post Processing software and manuals
7.     Internal high-resolution SW-encoder, ( 3 mm resolution, 250 ppr)
8.     Cart with quick release 10” wheels/ aluminium cart handle, RAM-cradle for your Control Unit (RAM cradle only for CF-19/MESA)
9.     External Power/Charger connector

Training Program will be provided in our training centre included. (Additional cost for onsite training)