Cultural spaces challenge the average, the everyday and the ordinary: often iconic and invaluable to their communities, cultural buildings need to engage, accommodate and inspire visitors from across the globe. Our work in culture exemplifies the meeting of artistic vision with engineering flair delivering projects that are fascinating, striking and technically accomplished.

Our commitment to creative thinking, to investigating the new and the unexpected and to pioneering new technology makes us the ideal partner for developing groundbreaking cultural spaces. With the benefit of decades of experience combined with a dedication to innovation, our work in the sector explores the future of new buildings and unlocks the potential in historic ones. From designing the seating in theatres and developing the perfect acoustic performance, to modeling visitor flow and improving access, our approach is holistic.

Our cultural spaces can be inspirational, personal, invigorating, epic…but always remarkable, both artistically and commercially.

We have delivered a range of projects that have entailed the entire construction and installation of broadcasting suites through to the refurbishment and upgrade of facilities for major media corporations.

 With an international portfolio comprising many major financial institutions, world class teaching establishments and government organizations we have gained considerable experience in delivering a range of corporate communication solutions.