Jebel Hafeet Glacier Development

Designer: Mony P Mathew
Client: Tamouth
Location: Jebel Hafeet Glacier Development – Al Ain, UAE
Completion Date: 2010

The Rafting Courses and Surf Pool are the first project components being built by Tamouh Investments, PLC and will form the first phase of their major integrated development on this site.


A number of similar White water Rafting facilities have been built elsewhere in the world, normally to meet Olympic Games kayaking and canoeing event requirements. One or two large surfing Wave Pools have been built elsewhere,but this one will generate some of the highest man made waves in the World. As well as a commercially based white water rafting facility, it is envisaged that the facilities will encourage the growth of competitive kayak and canoe paddling in the Middle East thereby providing nation building, sporting and recreational facilities of the highest possible standard. In general, the facilities will have a positive impact on the Jebel Hafeet tourist and visitor profile and assist in further establishing Al Ain as an international tourist destination.

The Project:

The project at Jebel Hafeet will comprise ‘White Water Rafting Facilities’ and a large Surf Pool, plus required support buildings. The Surf Pool will generate waves to a height of 10 feet with a number of different wave patterns being offered.