Planning Solutions

Planning Solutions

GCS provides development of special regulations and Physical planning for cities to preserve their unique character, consultation to improve local economic growth, social cohesion and municipal governance. Urban spaces and landscape upgrade

As GSC, we adapt new practices to meet the increased demand for materials to build the housing and transportation infrastructure needed to support the anticipated increase in city dwellers, while reducing CO2 emissions in a resource-constrained environment.

We provide a comprehensive understanding of the site’s constraints and opportunities and work with urban and landscape designers to develop masterplans, create a resilient infrastructure framework, and guide applications through the planning system.

We typically find that there is much more emphasis on front end preconstruction activities such as design, planning and legals and understand how important it is to capture the chain of events on the programme that lead up to and enable the start on site.

GCS Construction Management solution delivers Work Pack Management, Workface Planning, reporting and simulation capabilities. Combined, these enable projects to be delivered on time and on budget, maximizing the efficiency of craft labor and increasing project control.

Undertake a preconstruction programme exercise, identifying client actions along with key design release milestones and procurement activities for major works packages -Phasing plans and sequencing plans often produced as a mean of graphically demonstrating the programme sequence to a timescale, can be client focused to demonstrate impact on access routes and areas of possession etc.

3d Site Modelling and animation as an alternative to phasing plans, where you really want to bring the programme to life Particularly informative especially for ‘non construction people’