Aramco – Ras Tanura

Aramco – Ras Tanura

Underground Utility Mapping, Laser Scanning Survey, BIM




Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Area : Underground Utility

133, 300 m²

Area : Scan to BIM

54, 662 m²


Aramco - Ras Tanura

Ras Tanura, also spelled Ras Tannura, Arabic Raʾs Al-Tannūrah, port on the Persian Gulf, in eastern Saudi Arabia, at the tip of a small peninsula. Developed by the Arabian American Oil Company (now Saudi Aramco) after the discovery of nearby petroleum deposits in the 1930s, it is now a principal Persian Gulf terminal of the pipelines

Scope of Work

GCS was hired by the Saudi Aramco to detect Underground Utilities and Above ground scan to BIM at one of the oldest refinery in the world. The whole refinery was scanned and modeled in an exceptional time of 2 weeks. Three office Australia, U and Dubai worked parallel on this project meeting all the deadlines regardless of the Covid 19 situation. WME Hired GCS for the structural Assessment of the one of the oldest Mall in the capital of the UAE , Marina Mall Abu Dhabi. The team scanned all the elements of the structural and delivered the client in 2d&3d As built drawings.  

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