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Global Construction Solutions is a British Infrastructure Consulting company registered in England and Wales, specialist in providing Innovative Infrastructure Solutions Starting from early feasibility studies to high-tech engineering solutions as: Infrastructure engineering designs, Underground Utility survey, Drone survey, VR camera for construction, 12d Model Software, Project management.

We are among only a few companies in the world aim to provide the comprehensive infrastructure services. We are working with other consultants to develop their approach to performing infrastructure services or working with government bodies to enhance their capabilities to check and approve drawings, schedules and project’s progress. We work with many of the world’s most renowned clients always striving to take engineering excellence to ever high levels as we find better ways to tackle challenges, whether that’s keeping project cool in the desert sun, minimising the environmental impact or lowering carbon emissions. Our engineers work in all areas of the built environment, Infrastructure, master planning and a wide range of specialist disciplines providing high quality and innovative solutions which help to minimise the impact on the planet. We offer our customers with world-class skills and services backed by our class, environment and safety systems and robust approach to managing risk.

From business case preparation, high-tech surveys and advice on critical issues to design, implementation and ongoing support, we provide every service and skill needed to deliver innovative, inclusive and sustainable solutions for our customers. And as our planning, advisory, technical, management and economics activities also embrace the social and institutional dimensions of development; we can provide genuinely integrated total services.

Our Sectors

We are mainly working in the Infrastructure sector Infrastructure refers to structures, systems, and facilities serving the economy of business, industry, country, city, town, or area, including the services and facilities necessary for its economy to function.

It is typically a term to characterize the existence or condition of costly ‘technical structures’ such as roads, bridges, tunnels, or other constructed facilities such as loading docks, cold storage chambers, electrical capacity, fuel tanks, cranes, overhead clearances, or components of water supplies, sewers, electrical grids, telecommunications, and so forth. Infrastructure thus consists of improvements with significant cost to develop or install that return an essential value over time.

With a steadily rising global population, associated demographic shifts, and the environmental impacts of resource consumption increasing exponentially, existing infrastructure have pushed to its very limits. There is now a higher demand than ever before for new and replacement infrastructure to meet the growing needs of industrialised and developing nations

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