12d Model: Westfield Shopping Centre

12d Model: Westfield Shopping Centre

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Atif Rehman

Client: Westfield Shoppingtowns (UK) Ltd

Location: White City, London, W12

Designer: Transport & Development Ltd


The project is Europe’s largest shopping centre and included the design of a major public transport interchange with new rail, underground and bus stations connecting directly to the centre. The design also provided a new access road from the A3220 trunk road, a new Bus Station, two new railway stations and re-siting the Central Line Railway depot to accommodate a major new shopping mall with leisure facilities.

The project was conceived to regenerate the White City area and benefit the region by providing a commercial development with good transport links. It also provides improved facilities for the existing railways. It represents one of the bigger re-developments within the London area.
Feasibility studies were carried out to support the architects planning documents. Outline scheme options were developed using 12d Model to demonstrate the horizontal and vertical components of the development were achievable.

Scope Of Work

There were a number of underground obstacles and tunnels with minimal clearance above them which greatly influenced the vertical profile of the finished construction surfaces. The powerful design editing capacities of 12d allowed the design to be refined locally to overcome the issues by achieving the specified construction depths.