Quality Assurance Statement


Global Construction Solutions and all its operations are committed to delivering quality to our clients to agreed standards, targets or best practice using our values, policies and processes as required by law, and any other requirements.

Global construction solutions

  • Operate within current local legal requirements and consider potential local and international legislation, where they apply, in developing working practices
  • Communicate this Quality policy to all employees and those who work for or on behalf of GCS.
  • Use annual budgeting and performance review processes to set quality targets and objectives
  • Share best practice and efficiency improvements between divisions; driving a culture of quality
  • Continually improve our quality performance and monitor key internal measures and customer feedback by taking into account the context of the business and operational management processes
  • Increase the focus on risk based processes through the management system
  • Maintain accreditation with ISO9001 and other relevant standards
  • Encourage key external providers of products & services to meet these requirements of this quality policy and applicable professional standards
  • Work with interested parties and stakeholders to implement this policy in line with the context of the business.