Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

global construction solutions

GLOBAL CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS is a responsible business. Corporate decisions are made once we have fully considered the effect on our people, our neighbors and the planet. All the while, ensuring that we adhere to all legal requirements and ethical standards.Our Community: We love to get involved in community events when we can. Often they are supporting public facilities that may be used by our friends and families; therefore there is a personal motivation to do what we can to help. 

We are happy to represent our profession and take part in open days, careers fairs and environmental events.Supporting Charity: We always admire those who spend the majority of their time working to improve the lives of others as part of charitable organizations, and, people that put themselves in extreme situations, or push their physical limits, in order to raise money and awareness.The Environment: GCS recognizes its obligation to the environment. It strives to deliver a sustainable and professional engineering consultancy to all Stakeholders. We are committed to leading by example through the reduction of our own energy consumption, natural resource use, pollution and waste; as well as meeting and exceeding the relevant legal and contractual obligations.

The People: It is said by many businesses, but it is true – people really are the vital ingredient in the success of our business. Our Business is built on relationships that are based on trust, integrity, understanding and respect. These are all characteristics that are hard to earn and easy to lose. We therefore, place utmost importance on our interactions and relationships in and outside the office.We will continue to bring together our employees to pursue CSR activities as a Real Partner to the local community and the environment.