Aqaba Logistic City Center (ALCC)

Aqaba Logistic City Center (ALCC)


Project:  The central Logistic City of Jordan

Client:  Golden Logistic Triangle Investment 

Location: Aqaba – Jordan

Project Value: $47 Million
Project Description: It will be the biggest logistics center in Jordan; the project is allocated in the southern border of Aqaba city to be connected with new Aqaba seaport.

The project will contain 3 types of services,                                                                                                                                  

  • Logistic services which are loading, unloading, warehousing, trucks parking and maintenance.
  • Customs and Cargo handling and clearance agencies.
  • Public and recreational zone to serve the project contains hotel, mall, free market, restaurants, shops and retails.

The Master plan idea and development designed according to:

  • Areas required and Functions continuity.
  • Providing security for all logistics Operations.
  • Site topography.
  • Reducing the cost.
  • Future investment opportunities.

All according to feasibility study prepared by Global Constructions solutions design and studies Team.

Car route, which has separate entrance, roads and exits depends on the following:

  • Number 1 Is Shortcuts which decrease the driving time.
  • Number 2 Is that the driver will be only oriented to the allowed places.
  • Number 3 Is controlling visitor’s type and number.

The driver will be directed to one of the following:.

  • As Customs or Agency employee, he will park his car next to his work place with less than 250 meters tour long.
  • As a visitor, he will park his car at visitor center parking and use secured shuttle bus to visit the city.
  • As a visitor, that will travel by tourists agencies located in terminal.

Trucks route,

This route is totally separated from car rout. The truck will start to be checked at one of the two main entrances of the city.

  • ALCC Main entrance.
  • Or the entrance located on the connection with new port.

The truck will enter the inspection yard after weighing to start required customs operations or will turned to exit if it’s rejected.

The trucks will be driven easily around the warehouses and storage yards zones.

Designed levels allow the truck to access the storage area from any point of route.

An emergency exit allocated at the end of warehouses zone.  

Services provided:

  • Project feasibility study.
  • Economic Study
  • Hydraulic Study
  • Traffic Study 
  • EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Site Analysis & data collections
  • Coordination with all targeted clients
  • Master plan &  Zoning
  • Project Program & function  
  • Earthworks design,
  • Roads, Yard design  and Autotrack test
  • infrastructure design
  • Buildings Program and Architectural Design
  • Buildings Structural design
  • Buildings Mechanical & Electrical design
  • Water Harvesting system design
  • Water treatment Study
  • Trash collection and recycling Study
  • Earthworks  consultants
  • Built up area: 29,958.32 sq.m “warehouses not included”