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We Have The World’s Most Advanced Technological Expertise & Experience in Infrastructure Design, Development & Management

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide unique full Infrastructure Solutions from concept to operation and to have the physical presence in all major cities around the world.

Our services

Global Construction Solution has grown to become one of the dynamic innovative infrastructure solutions provider worldwide. Through consistency and commitment, our dedicated team have established a market leading reputation for the provision of innovative and expert solutions to mapping and planning challenges.


GCS provides a full range of professional surveying services to meet high precision standards required for today’s industry and construction needs. We do Marine Survey, Drone Survey, Underground Mapping, Laser Scanning and so much more....


We are among only a few companies in the world aim to provide the comprehensive infrastructure services. We are working with other consultants to develop their approach to performing infrastructure services or working with government ....

GSC New Technology

covid 19

In light of the developments regarding COVID-19, as GCS we are keeping up with the guidelines of the World Health Organization, State and Local Authorities related to travel, quarantine, meetings and events, and we will continue to adjust our guidance accordingly. In the meantime, we want to assure you that we will continue to provide uninterrupted service to you. On behalf of our colleagues here at Global Construction Solutions, we wish you, your teams and your loved ones health and safety. #staysafe #maskup #coronavirus #covid19

12d Model

Good news to prospective students, we have introduced Virtual Training Courses in line with Covid 19 restrictions. In-class lessons are still available but with a limited number of students.

GCS New Technology

We are known for embracing latest technologies on the market & as GCS, we are transforming the way the world works by making use of products that connect the physical and digital worlds. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics enables us to improve productivity, quality, safety and sustainability especially in this era of Covid 19.

Our solutions are tailored for each phase of the building lifecycle, from the initial survey to design, construction and operation and enable stakeholders such as architects, engineers, contractors, building managers and property owners to gain agility and insight.

latest projects

Al Makhtoom Airport

7/10 - 12/10

Al Makhtoom Airport - United Arab Emirates (Dubai)
View Project

Muscat Airport

7/10 - 12/10

Old Muscat Airport - Muscat : Oman
View Project

Dubai Airport

7/10 - 12/10

Dubai Airport : United Arab Emirates (UAE)
View Project

Aramco - Ras Tanura

7/10 - 12/10

Aramco : Ras Tanura - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
View Project

US Military Airfield

7/10 - 12/10

US Military Field - Jordan
View Project

Westfield Shopping Center

7/10 - 12/10

Westfield Shopping Centre - United Kingdom (UK)
View Project
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